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[News] Launching Noble Beauty ‘Chae’ ‘Jicheong Jayang Shampoo Liquid’

Oriental medicine hair brand Noble Beauty ‘Chae’ of WELCOS released ‘Jicheong Jayang Shampoo Liquid’ with excellent effect for prevention of hair loss by prescription of quasi-drug-certified ingredient and houttuynia cordata.
By the combination of three ingredients of houttuynia cordata, perilla frutescens and green tea, ‘Jicheong Jayang Shampoo Liquid’ protects scalp and provide help to restoration by preventing and improving hair loss by stimulating hair root of hair loss-type scalp. Containing oriental ingredients like black bean, red ginseng and licorice, it also produces rich hair by making thin and weak hair healthy.
Containing quasi-drug certified ingredient, Jicheong Jayang Shampoo Liquid also alleviates scalp irritation and stress of modern people with thin hair or the ones who lose hair easily.
This Shampoo Liquid is recommended for customers with thin hair due to hair loss, customers that scalp is oily and smelly, customers with hair trouble due to alopecia scalp and the ones who feel burden by the specialized scalp care costs”.