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[News] Launched ‘FRUDIA,’ the fruity skin care of new concept

Launched FRUDIA, the fruity skin care brand of new concept, using fruit juice instead of water.
Launched with the slogan, ‘Beauty comes from the fruits,’ FRUDIA is a special skin care brand, in which all the research knowhow on fruit, accumulated from 30 years of Kwailnara experience, is integrated. The grand plan of the brand is to introduce the true ‘Fruit Therapy Skin Care’ to the skin of ladies in their 20s and 30s, fatigued from stress and noxious environment, by extracting innate anti-oxidative energy of the fruit with our own extraction method.
During the field trip to France, Welcos research team found out that skin of jam master, crushing and trimming fresh fruit at the jam workshop of Alsace region, was particularly clear and healthy without fine wrinkles. Studies on anti-oxidative energy, inspired from this experience, was the origin of FRUDIA.
The reason why FRUDIA is different from other cosmetics with common fruit ingredients is because FRUDIA has implemented ‘fruity formula’ of Welcos, stabilized with the optimum mixing ratio, in order to deliver fresh fruit juice and anti-oxidative ingredient intactly for skin. Director of global R&D center of Welcos, Lee Sang-jong, stated that “there exists the optimum mixing ratio between fruit juice, which can be used for cosmetics, and the core active ingredient of cosmetics.”
Furthermore, in order to prevent nutrient of fruit from destruction during the manufacturing process of cosmetics, Frudia only uses fruit juice, 100% extracted with R VITA W™, as skin tonic and delivers moisture and anti-oxidative energy of fruit as it is. Besides, the brand provides ‘mild fruity cosmetics’ for sensitive skin by adding none of five toxic-concerned ingredients, such as two types of paraben or benzophenone.
Now, FRUDIA has been confronting with customers with four different product lines, including moisturizing, whitening, pore control, and elastic care line. ‘Blueberry moisture line’ provides moisture with extract from blueberries of clean Jeju, while ‘Tangerine vitamin glow line’ helps in whitening care with vitamin C and flavonoid ingredient in tangerine. ‘Green grape pore line’ is for pore & sebum care as tannin of green grape cares skin to be smooth, whereas ‘Pomegranate moisturizing & elastic line’ provides deep moisture and nutrition with polyphenol, the anti-oxidative ingredient of pomegranate.
In particular, FRUDIA’s representative product, ‘Blueberry hydrating cream (55g),’ not only contains 77% of blueberry extract, one of ten super food of the world, but also acquires clinical results through human application test of P&K dermatology research lab that the moisture is maintained for 48 hours.
 rudia is a professional fruity cosmetic brand, created by reflecting global trend of seeking for healthy lifestyle into skin care. The goal of the brand is to deliver nutrition of fruit directly as it was not sufficiently delivered only with eating or drinking, and to present healthier and more vivid skin.