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[News] Perfect for dry, crisp, and messy hair care!

Body Buddy bring Forest Story Hair care and launching in CARiNG Pharmacy!

A special hair care brand, Forest Story, of Welcos , has newly released hair spray and mist to take care of dry, crisp, and messy hair.
3 items of the brand include the new item ‘Mat light water spray,’ along with the renewed items, ‘Super hard water spray’ and ‘Fragrant water essence.’ The new item ‘Mat light water spray’ is a liquid type hair spray instead of gas type, with strong ability to fix hair and mat finishing touch.
By reducing the shine and gloss, usually found after using hair styling product, this item leads to natural styling of hair. The item especially contains ingredient from crystal salt of Himalaya, so it maintains moisture of easily dried hair after styling and enables hair care of frequent damage from hair styling.
Renewed items, ‘Super hard water spray’ and ‘Fragrant water essence,’ not only upgraded the design of package but also enhanced hair protective function. ‘Super hard water spray’ is an item which fixes hair very strongly and maintains tidy style for a long time.
This item is very effective when neat styling is necessary, in case of flight attendants or interviews for an example, and has already gone viral as ‘a spray for flight attendants.’ By adding keratin and collagen ingredients, this item provides resilient hair care as well.
‘Fragrant water essence,’ with high fragrance persistency and moisturizing effect, maintains the current gentle soap fragrance while improving hair care ability. Capsulated peptide, glycine and panthenol ingredient provides coating for each hair with moisture layer and protects hair from damage caused by frequent styling.